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Personal injuries caused by the negligence of another happen at any time, even when you are careful. We have represented clients with automobile negligence cases, negligence in the course of medical care (also known as medical malpractice), and in many other situations.

We provide close client contact. Being injured in an accident is different for every person. We help deal with medical providers when you have bills. We help with your own insurance company and getting your vehicle repaired. Every case is unique and is personal to you.

At McClellan Law Office, we listen to you and make time for your unique situation.

We handle accident claims on contingency fee basis where you have no liability for attorney fees unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

Contact us using the form below and we can help determine whether you have a claim or not. We don’t mind hearing from you to answer your questions.

We respond within 24 hours and are available after hours, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact us using the form below or by contacting our office using the phone number and address at the right.

See if you have a case and find out more about your rights.

(Important disclaimers on use of the internet to contact McClellan Law Office: 1) The contact through this method does not form a client/lawyer relationship or mean we agree to represent you at this time; 2) Also, even if you use this contact form we will not be prevented from representing a party adverse to your interests; and 3) We cannot guarantee that information provided by this method will remain confidential by using this form - so use general information in asking a question or request an in-person meeting or telephone conference.)

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