Omaha, Nebraska mental health law attorney and lawyer Michael D. McClellan is a leader in helping persons with mental illness and their families deal with the serious issues that come with such a diagnosis.

He brings passion, dedication and commitment to his work. As a member of the Board of Mental Health in Douglas County, McClellan knows most of the mental health care professionals in this area and understands the care needed to bring stabilization to those persons suffering from mental illness.

McClellan Law Office regularly represents claimants with a mental illness in disability hearings. The office has relationships with the mental health care community in this area and works with mental health providers to obtain benefits for those disabled by a mental illness. Understanding of mental illness, and the functional difficulties that lead to disability, has provided a strong track record in obtaining benefits for those persons disabled due to mental illness.


The role of guardian or conservator for a mentally ill person can difficult and emotionally trying, but it is also vitally important. Mental health law attorney Michael D. McClellan is available to help families consider all available options for managing the affairs of their mentally ill family member, including guardianship or co-guardianship so that two family members can share the responsibility. If you cannot find a family member who is willing and able to undertake this responsibility, McClellan has served in such a position for those under disability and can assume this role or can seek another person to fill this role.


The good news is that many patients do improve with treatment; they are simply not capable of seeking it themselves. McClellan Law Office will provide the legal counsel, information and support you need to take this challenging step so that your loved one can find relief.

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