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We work as advisors to guardians and conservators in the Omaha area.

You may very well know someone who is suffering from a disability - - - someone who is having difficulty handling their own affairs. There may be reasons why legally it is necessary to have guardian or conservator appointed for someone you know.

McClellan Law Office represents guardians and conservators and will provide the aid you need in the court appointment process to ensure that it is handled effectively and efficiently.

If you are appointed guardian or conservator, the duties you take on will require court oversight and periodic court appearances. We provide advice for guardians and conservators on an as needed basis and represent them in the court process. Many of the duties you can do on your own. Sometimes you need the aid of a lawyer in the process and that is where McClellan Law Office can help.

Michael D. McClellan acts as court appointed conservator for disabled individuals and understands the demands of acting as a fiduciary for another.

For more information on Guardianship in Nebraska or Iowa Click Here.

(Important disclaimers on use of the internet to contact McClellan Law Office: 1) The contact through this method does not form a client/lawyer relationship or mean we agree to represent you at this time; 2) Also, even if you use this contact form we will not be prevented from representing a party adverse to your interests; and 3) We cannot guarantee that information provided by this method will remain confidential by using this form - so use general information in asking a question or request an in-person meeting or telephone conference.)

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